KindBunch. Who built it and why.

My darling old lady, Nikki, who passed away on 22 November 2023.
She was 17 years young.

What is KindBunch?

"The idea behind KindBunch is to help pet parents, fosters and rescues to raise money to support homeless animals."

Mondego (hated photos!) & Baloo circa 2009

The year was 2000...

I started working on KindBunch - or the idea that would lead to KindBunch - in 2000.

Back then, still searching for my purpose, I was clear on only one thing - my life would be related to animal welfare.

What was behind KindBunch?

KindBunch is a very personal project for me. I never wanted to work a 9-5 serving someone else. I wanted to contribute with something that would make real, tangible change.

The gorgeous tail-waggers you see in the images on this page are some of the furry kids I've fostered throughout the years. And all this work is for them!

As a foster and pet mum, I struggled to make ends meet, with vet bills, food and shelter a constant headache.

The idea behind KindBunch sprung from there - to help pet parents, fosters and rescues to raise money to support animal welfare. Because, I know how hard it is.

Mini-Meuh & Baloo in 2009
Mia in 2011
Baloo in 2008

How it works

"...imagine if you could raise money just by being on social media for an hour each day. As you do! Now, imagine if every tweet, comment, like or share you make raised money for animal rescues...
That's what happens here! "

Nikki in 2021
My foster, Nina & kids 2011
Mirim, 2012
Mini-Meuh 2010
Tiko & Teko in 2022
Fleur in 2014

Emotions high

Pride & Anxiety

It’s a humbling experience to finally release KindBunch. I’ve been here alone for a long time, fixing the cracks in the coding, putting it all together for the big day. But, there’s not much more I can do. It’s ready to launch.

There will be teething problems, and I thank you for reporting them when you find something’s not working. There's a Support Desk just for that.

So, welcome to KindBunch. I built this platform in the hope that it will make a positive contribution towards animal welfare. I hope KindBunch will save lives every day.

But it's not even just for animals. This platform is also for everybody else who, like me, wants to help save lives. Donating money is just not possible for most of us every day. And I know that hurts.

So, this platform is here to support you too. I built a system that will give you the opportunity to raise money for animal rescues simply by doing what you do every day anyway.

Imagine if you could raise money just by being on social media for an hour each day. Imagine if every tweet, comment, like or share you make on Twitter raised money. That's what happens here. If you spend 15 minutes, or 30 minutes or more per day at KindBunch, you will be raising a little money that you can donate to your favourite animal rescue.

It starts in the Spring of '24

The idea of KindBunch has been on my mind for the better part of the last 2 decades. And, this Spring, it finally comes to life.

For anybody else, launch day will be just another day. But for me, it's 2 decades of a lot of sacrifice, a lot of tears and a lot of alone time. I don't feel any of that anymore. Now, it's just butterflies in my tummy.

There's still a lot of little issues to iron out on the platform, but I hope you like KindBunch.

Fred in 2022
Nikki & baby Mia in 2011
Foster kid, Shana in 2010

In memory of Mondego

The gorgeous black lad in the photo here was Mondego, my beautiful boy, who in August 2021 passed at the age of 14 years. I miss him every day. And KindBunch is dedicated to him with all my love.

The fund is also in his name - The Mondego Fund.

Meet my pack

During the development period, all costs of hosting, technical work, set up & design that went into building this platform were covered from my personal pocket.  I do it with a ton of gratitude.  But, I'm not rich by any stretch.  And I have my own family to feed.  If you wish to support me in covering these costs, I and my pack will be forever grateful.