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Will you spare 15 minutes of your day?

No donations.  Just time.

That’s all it takes to help save the lives of countless homeless animals every day. 

Watch the video to see how we do it.

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We are a

All it takes is a little of your time each day.

We’re a community like any other.  We share images, videos, links.  We talk about everything.  

And every conversation raises money for homeless animals who need our help.

So that animal rescues can start relying on the money they need to save more animals.

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A platform for all animal lovers

For Animal Lovers

Donate time. Not money.
You can help to raise funds every day simply by donating a few minutes of your day.

For Animal Rescues

Let our community help you to raise funds to help you cover vet bills, shelter and food for those homeless animals under your wing.

For Pet Service Providers

Feature your business in our community of animal lovers and contribute to animal welfare.

For Pet Parents

Find responsible pet service providers who support animal welfare – pet groomers, shops, hotels, restaurants, tc.

For Local Activism

Find local groups of animal lovers joining forces to save lives of local homeless animals. Create a local foster network. Support local animal rescues.

For New Pet Parents

Find a new pet to to add to your family from our Adoption Directory.

15 minutes of your day

Things you can do to raise funds

Check out how easy it is for you to help us raise funds for animal rescues.  We don’t rely on donations.  Instead, we take money from business sponsors and hand over what we raise to animal rescues you choose.

Post Something

For every 1000 people who view your post in the community timeline, we raise approximately €2 for animal rescues.

Read Something

For every 1000 unique readers of a single blog post, we raise approximately €2 for animal rescues.

Watch A Video

For every 1,000 unique viewers of a video in our Video Hub, we raise approximately €0.90 for animal rescues.

Refer Friends

For every 1,000 new members who join our community, we raise approximately €200 per month for animal rescues.

Book An Appointment

Every time you book an appointment with your pet groomer, you raise about €1 for animal rescues.

Business Directory Listings

For every business who signs up to our Business Directory, we raise €30 per month for animal rescues.

NB. Prices are all in € (Euros). For reference, €1 = approximately USD1.09 or £0.85 or AUD1.70 as of 21.08.2023.

The Booking Platform

We even built a platform where you can book an appointment with different service providers.

A pet groomer.  A veterinary clinic.  A pet-friendly hotel.  Even a hairdresser to get your own hair done!

For every appointment you book, €1 is donated to any animal rescue you wish to support.

We asked a few friends to try out our upcoming booking platform and review it for you.

Cindy Levin
Cindy Levin
Booked a bath for her dog, Chester
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My dog needs a bath. I pay the usual fee. And a homeless animal ends up with €1 for this. Love it!
Ana Gouveia
Ana Gouveia
Booked an appointment with her vet for her cat, Chi
Read More
When I take my cat Chi for her vaccines at the vet, €1 goes for a homeless cat. It's a win-win for all.
Carlo's mum
Carlo's mum
Booked a bath & groom for her dogs
Read More
I have 4 dogs. They have a garden. So, they go to the groomer's for a bath trimesterly. That's €12 per year for homeless animals. Feels good!

Who's behind this idea?

As a mother and foster of many cats and dogs (mostly), I have struggled to make ends meet. 

I go as far as avoiding social media, most days, because I can’t bear to see the endless stream of rescues begging for help because I can’t afford to help.

I know I’m not alone!

So, instead of donating a few bucks here and there, I decided to use my skills to develop a platform that would truly help. 

This is what KindBunch is about – to find ways to raise the money needed to rescue more animals.

Because it’s not just about a dog, a cat or a horse.  It’s also about the humans who suffer for them.


saves lives

Every day, social media is awash with scammers posing as animal rescues, looking for cash donations.   There are even reports of animals being injured on purpose to convince people to make a donation. 

To save lives, we need to demand more transparency and accountability.  That’s why, at KindBunch, we have a real-time public ledger, available to everyone, showing exactly how much money is being raised and how much money is being donated, and to whom. 

We want to be part of the solution.  Not the problem.

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What people are saying...

I love this platform. To raise money just by doing what I do every day on social media so I can donate those earnings to save cats & dogs every day is like a dream!
Anna Casperi
Cat Foster Mum
I am so excited for this project. It will help me raise my rescues in safety and bring me peace of mind that I can pay the vet bills each month.
Amelie Violante
Home-Based Animal Rescue
I feed over 300 cats all over my hometown and the money I raise at KindBunch will help me buy all that food and cover spaying campaigns every month.
Mika Stuart
Cat Rescue
coming this Spring '24

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