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If you provide a pet-friendly service, we’ve got a spot for you.  But, even if you don’t, well, pet parents are just like everyone else – we need a hairdresser, we like to eat out, shop, we travel, you name it.

And there’s nothing we love more than to support businesses who support animal welfare. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be opening our platform.  So, don’t miss out.

Your first stop is to get listed in our uber-popular directory. 

I hear your community is just like Twitter.

Can I join?
Sure. Our community brings together animal lovers from all over the world. Business owners are welcome to join us too.

Our community opens in the Spring of 2024
Visit the community

I sell pet accessories

How can I promote my goods to the KindBunch community?
Our pet parents spend a lot of time in our directory looking for service providers, shops to buy their pet food & accessories.

Our marketpalce opens in the Spring of 2024
the directory

I run a YouTube Channel

I produce videos that I think animal lovers and pet parents would love to see. Is there a place for me at KindBunch?
We have just the spot for you - our Video Hub!

You can run your own video channel, create playlists and build a loyal, friendly subscriber list. Soon, you'll even be able to monetize it.

Our video hub opens in the Spring of 2024
the video hub

I run a pet-friendly hotel

How can I reach out to your community?
Our directory is the best place. You can accept bookings direct with us, or not. It's up to you! Get listed now.

We're open. Get listed now.
the directory

I promote an eco-friendly product for people.

Can I promote it on KindBunch? Or is this only for pet products?
Pet parents are just like everyone else. So, how about running a group in the community exclusive for you to promote your eco-friendly products. It's where pet parents go to discover new cruelty-free products, vegan restaurants to visit, eco-friendly shops to go.

We open in the Spring of 2024.
the community

I run a restaurant but don't allow pets.

Can I promote my place at KindBunch?
Sure! Pet parents like to go out too! And we love to support businesses who give a little to animal welfare. Try listing your restaurant in our directory.

We're open. Get listed now.
the directory

What they're saying

We asked our beta testers to answer a simple question :

“If you could choose between a service provider who supports animal welfare and one who does not, who would you choose to work with?”

Here is a collection of some of their answers.