Pet-friendly destinations

Planning on taking your pet on your next adventure?  Our city guides will help you find local service providers for yourself and for your pets.

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Book here with your pet's groomer!

Every dime we earn from this directory goes straight to The Mondego Fund – a fully transparent fund that distributes funds to animal rescues around the world.

When you book your next appointment with your pet groomer, vet or pet daycare centre, you are raising money to support an animal with no family.

Each confirmed booking means €1 for you to donate to an animal rescue of your choice. 

But, that’s not all – you can also make a booking for yourself – a hairdresser, a spa day, a yoga class…they all bring in €1 for an animal rescue you choose.

Join us.  You’ll love it here!

Your pets may hate the groomer
But every bath they take means €1 is raised for an animal with no family.
A visit to the vet may suck for your pet
But every appointment with your vet means €1 is raised for an animal who needs veterinary care.
Being locked up at a
pet-friendly hotel may not be your dog's cup of tea
But every time you book a hotel stay, it means €1 is raised for a homeless animal.
Your dog may hate it when you leave them for work
But every time you book a pet daycare stay for your pet, it means €1 is raised for an animal locked up in a rescue.
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We asked a few friends to try out our upcoming booking platform and review it for you.

How it works

For Pet Parents

Create an account

Set up your account in under 1 minute.

Make a booking

Book an appointment with your pet groomer. Or book a weekend for your pet at a pet hotel when you go out of town.
(coming next month)

Track your booking

Keep track of all your bookings from your dashboard & reach out to your service provider directly for any issues via our private messenger platform.

Booking day

You don't pay anything via KindBunch. Instead, you proceed to your appointment on your selected date and make the payment directly to the service provider.

Save a life

Choosing to work with service providers who actively support animal welfare will help save more & more lives each month. Learn how this money supports the work of animal rescues.

For Business

Create an account

Set up your account in under 1 minute.

Add a listing

You can add a simple listing. Or add a listing to accept bookings or appointments.

Receive bookings

Customers can select from your available dates to make a booking with you.

Manage your listings

Manage bookings, appointments and organize your messages from your customers in our uber-organized dashboard.

Booking day

Your customer will pay your fee in full directly to you for your service on the day of the booking.

Save a life

Your subscription fee goes direct into our fund to distribute to animal rescues around the world. You customers will love that you support homeless animals.


If you have questions, maybe the answers are below.

Business Owners

Of course not.  You can add a simple listing.  With a simple listing, your listing won’t include the booking widget. Here’s a simple listing for you to look at.

Absolutely.  This directory serves pets and their humans!

We charge businesses a set monthly fee for the listing.  This fee reverts to our Mondego Fund, to be distributed to animal rescues verified by us.  More about the Mondego Fund here.

We kept it as simple and as malleable as possible to suit every kind of business.

With us, you can choose to accept bookings.  Or not. 

If you choose to accept bookings, the booking system makes your life simple.

Set your availability by day or hour, sync your calendar with any other calendar, and let your customers request a booking.

You can accept or decline any booking.

You can even make direct contact with your customers via the Private Messenger.


KindBunch is a tiny outfit running a massive platform.  So, it is key that everything is kept as simple as possible.

So, to keep it simple, we do not allow businesses to charge any booking fees or direct payments via KindBunch.

All payments will be made to you directly on the day of the appointment.

First, you receive a notification via email whenever you receive a booking.  Or a private message from your customers.  Be sure you whitelist our email

You can also connect our booking system with an external app via iCal.

Yes, of course.  You can accept or deny any booking you receive.

Absolutely.  And it’s very simple.

The steps to update your availability for bookings on your KindBunch dashboard are as follows:

  1. Log in to KindBunch with the passwords you have created for your listing.
  2. Click “My listings > Active”.
  3. Once there, you will have 3 buttons (ical, edit, delete).
  4. Select the ical button.
  5. In the ical export field, copy the link displayed and paste it in the corresponding field of the Booking/Airbnb platforms you use.  This will sync your available dates for bookings in all the platforms.
  6. Once done, click save.

The steps to update your availability at KindBunch from other are as follows:

  1. Log in to -> Rates and Availability -> Move to the bottom of the page -> Export Calendar -> Copy URL
  2. Paste the link in your ical import field on your KindBunch dashboard.
  3. Click save.

The steps to update your availability at KindBunch from other are as follows:

  1. Log in to Airbnb -> Hosting -> Calendar -> Select a property -> Availability Settings -> Scroll down to the “Sync Calendars” section -> Export Calendar -> Copy URL
  2. Paste the link in your ical import field on your KindBunch dashboard.
  3. Click save.

General Users

No. At KindBunch, you pick the business you wish to book with and make the booking.  On the day of your appointment, you head over to the business you picked and payment will be made there directly to the business owner.  You do not pay anything via KindBunch.

For every booking, 1 point is deposited in your KindBunch wallet. 

You can then head over to our Appeals Directory and select which appeal you wish to donate that point to. 

For your reference, 1 point = €1 or US$1.

Yes.  As long as it is within the cut-off time set by the business owner.

You can track every payment received via our public ledger.  We call it The Mondego Fund.  Check it out here.

No, you will not be charged anything by KindBunch.  But, please get in touch with the business owner to clarify your booking status.

Yes, of course, there is a private messenger available to you for that very reason. 

You need to be logged in to see it.  Once logged in, head over to their listing and you’ll find the contact form.

If your booking is already made, head over to your dashboard > my bookings, then find the relevant booking and a “Send Message” button will be available to you.

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