Advertising with a noble cause

With a growing community of animal lovers gathered at KindBunch each day from all over the world, why wouldn’t you want to advertise with us?

Low prices.  Great looking ads.  And all for a noble cause.

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"As an animal lover, I am absolutely devoted to supporting businesses who respect animal welfare."
J. Devias
Lives with 3 dogs. 2 cats. 1 human. Ireland.

KindBunch is a not-for-profit project.

Every dime this ad network makes goes to animal welfare programs and animal rescues.

Our advertising program is exclusive for services and products that are 100% cruelty-free. If you’re not sure what that means, please get in touch with us before paying for your ad via our Support Desk.

Please do not submit an ad if you cannot acknowledge the following 4 statements about the product/service you wish to advertise with us.

  • I confirm that all the services and products I will advertise on conduct no testing on animals.
  • I confirm that all the services and products I will advertise on cause no harm to animals or humans.
  • I confirm that all the services and products I will advertise on are from verifiable eco-friendly sources.

As animal lovers, our community has a deep respect for businesses who do not commit harm for profit, and we want to know more about you.

The world is changing.  Your customers are changing too.  And respect for one’s privacy is top of the agenda.

Our ads only include a session cookie to record the ad viewed and the anonymous click.  Once the viewer leaves our site, the cookie deletes itself.

Because our ads don’t track users, we carefully place our ads where they reach an exact audience.

For example, if you’re targeting an audience by interest, you’ll pick a category.

If you want to reach only people in a specific country, we can do that too.

It’s not that hard, and your customers appreciate you for respecting them.

NB. We are only just starting.  New slots will be added daily.

We don’t do bidding.  Instead, we offer a simple price per ad-style.

€3 per 1,000 unique ad views or €0.30 per unique clickthru.

This ensures equality and opportunity for all.

There are only 100 ad-slots per spot.  No algorithms.  No nothing. 

You pick your spot, and that’s where your ads will be.

Brandname awareness makes the brand!

The more times your customers see your ads, the more they trust your name.

With KindBunch ads, each spot offers limited slots.  100, to be exact.  This means your ads run more often even if your ad is only viewed once per visitor per 24 hours.

Track how many times your ads has been viewed, how many times it’s been clicked.  That’s all that matters.  No fluff or silly pie charts. 

Our ads look great. 

We brought together a bunch of people to Beta test our platform in the last few weeks for feedback, and they all (100% of them) commented on the ads – non intrusive, good looking…what else could you ask for?

How to find the perfect ad spot

Our ads do not track anybody, and our community appreciates that respect for their privacy. So, you need to pick a spot that makes most sense to you. Below are some examples.

Say, you are interested in reaching people to promote a new ladies’ perfume.

You would want to target women who have shown an interest in beauty products.

If you are an international brand, you could place an ad in the community timeline for a wide reach.

For a tighter targeting campaign, your best option would be the Video Hub, where you can place an ad to show alongside all videos in the “Beauty” category.

Our ads don’t track people. And, let’s face it, everyone uses a VPN connection these days anyway.

But, let’s say you are interested in advertising a new retail shop in Marseille, France.

You would want to reach out to people in Marseille.

It’s simple, and you don’t need to track people.  Head over to our community Groups and search for local communities located in Marseille.

Find the ad spot on the sidebar or timeline, and grab your spot!

Can’t find a local group yet?  KindBunch is only just opening to a wider audience.  Give us a little time.  By the Summer of ’24, we’ll be jamming!


Answers to your questions.

Each ad slot only offers 100 spots at a time.  Once these 100 spots are sold out, we don’t sell more.

These spots will re-open for sale once the existing advertising contracts expire.

First, please give us a little time.  We only just opened and are still in the process of putting everything in place.

Every day, we are adding new ad slots across the platform.  So, if you can’t find one you like today, try tomorrow.

Second, our support desk is always open for you to reach out. 

You will have received a link to your advertiser dashboard via email once your ad was published.

In case you didn’t, your dashboard is visible to you if you are logged in.

You bet.  Here it our Support Desk

KindBunch does not rely on some automated machine to reply some unhelpful gibberish to you.  You’ll always be talking to a real person.  This does mean we may be a bit slower than other places out there.  But we will get to you.  Promise!